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Absorbed in the imperturbable, part 2

During this tour, the mendicants settled along the Vaggumudā river, where they made leaf-huts in preparation for the retreat during the rainy season. While they were on rains retreat, Yasoja, addressed his band of mendicants as follows:

  • The Blessed One has dismissed us, friends. But he is anxious for our well-being and wishes us the best; he has compassion for us. Well then, let’s abide in such a way that he will be pleased with us!

All the mendicants agreed with Yasoja, and so they all spent that rainy season secluded, diligent and resolute. Quite soon, they realised the three forms of liberating wisdom:

  • They remembered their past lives; they saw the ongoing process of other creature’s rebirth due to their karma; and they gained insight into the Four Noble Truths. With these realisations their spiritual corruptions were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Buddha stayed in Sāvatthī for as long as he wished, and then went on tour to Vesālī, capital of the Vajji republic.

When he reached Vesālī he stayed in the great forest, in the gabled hall, where he passed his time reading the minds of the mendicants living on the bank of the Vaggumudā river. He then said this to Ānanda:

  • This region is full of light, Ānanda, quite full of radiance! And it’s the very region in which those mendicants are living next to the Vaggumudā river. Perhaps it won’t be disagreeable to stay in this place, not far from those mendicants.

Please send a messenger to them, saying ‘The Teacher has summoned you, sirs, he wishes to see you’.


Ud 3.3

December 5, 2019

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