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Absorbed in the Imperturbable, part 1

One time the Buddha was staying in Sāvatthī, at Anāthapindika’s park in Jeta’s Grove. At that time five hundred mendicants led by Yasoja had just arrived to see the Buddha.

Those incoming mendicants exchanged friendly greetings with the resident mendicants, and were assigned their lodgings. But while they put their stuff away they created a great racket, and the Buddha wondered what was going on, saying this:

  • Who is making such a loud noise? It sounds like fishermen bringing in their catch!

Ānanda said this to the Buddha:

  • It’s the five hundred mendicants led by Yasoja, sir, who’ve just arrived at Sāvatthī. They’ve been assigned their lodgings, and are putting away their bowls and robes.

The Buddha asked Ānanda to summon them in his name, and they came to see him. After greeting him and sitting down to one side, the Buddha asked why they had been so noisy, as loud as fishermen bringing in their catch.

Yasoja replied that the five hundred mendicants had come to Sāvatthī to see the Buddha. The Buddha then said this:

  • Push off, mendicants – I dismiss you. Don’t live anywhere near me!

Those mendicants paid their respects to the Buddha, and after circumambulating him were on their way. They cleared out their lodgings, took their bowls and robes and set off for the Vajji republic.

Ud 3.3

December 6, 2019

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