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Absorbed in the imperturbable, part 3

Ānanda did what the Buddha had asked, and dispatched a mendicant, who disappeared from the gabled hall in an instant, and immediately reappeared in front of the mendicants living next to the river Vaggumudā. He summoned them in the Buddha’s name, as requested.

So the mendicants cleared up their lodgings, packed up their bowls and robes, and in an instant disappeared from the bank of the river Vaggumudā, immediately reappearing once again in front of the Buddha, in the gabled hall.

At that time the Buddha was sitting down, absorbed in imperturbable stillness. Those mendicants wondered what state he was abiding in.

Contemplating the Buddha’s condition, the five hundred mendicants realised this: ‘The Blessed One now abides absorbed in imperturbable stillness!’

So they all sat down and likewise abided in an absorption of imperturbable stillness. After a while Ānanda got up, arranged his robe on one shoulder, and with his hands clasped together in reverence, said this to the Buddha:

  • The night is well advanced, sir, the first watch of the evening has passed. You have been sitting with these visitors for a long time; perhaps the Blessed One should at least exchange greetings with the visiting mendicants.

But the Buddha remained silent, and did not move.

Ud 3.3

December 4, 2019

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