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Like a fresh reed chopped down

When the Buddha was staying in the town of Sāvatthī, a deity appeared next to him and uttered this verse in his presence:

  • Dwelling in the forest,
  •      quiescent
  •      living the holy life,
  • They eat only
  •      a single meal
  •      each day,
  • So why is their countenance
  •      so serene?


The Buddha replied:


  • They do not
  •      lament the past,
  • They do not hanker
  •      after the future,
  • Maintaining themselves
  •      in the present,
  • Their complexion
  •      becomes so serene.
  • Hankering after
  •      the future,
  •      lamenting the past,
  • Because of this
  •      the foolish wither away,
  •      Like a fresh reed
  • chopped down.

SN 1.10

December 10, 2019

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