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The parable of the saw

The Buddha once said this:

  • If thieves or robbers were to cut you up with a double-handed saw, limb by limb, were you to pollute your mind with hatred, you would not be fulfilling my teaching. In such a terrible situation, mendicants, you should train yourselves thus:
  • Our thoughts will not become perverted, and nor will we utter evil words; we will abide in compassion, with thoughts of friendliness, devoid of hatred.
  • We will pervade others with thoughts of friendliness, and from that basis suffuse the whole whole world with loving kindness, with minds that are expansive, lofty, immeasurable, and devoid of hatred and malice.

This is how you should train yourselves, mendicants. If you were to contemplate this parable of the saw often, mendicants, would you see any way of speaking, subtle or obvious, that you could not put up with?

  • ‘No, respected sir.’

Well then, mendicants, contemplate this parable of the saw often, and it will lead to your welfare and happiness in the long-term.

MN 21

December 2, 2019

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